Translations and Languages
    The AMC Lodi translation studio offers: Technical, scientific, didactic translations.

The languages we work with are: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Dutch, Sweden, Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Serb, Slovak, Arab, Hebrew, Chinese.
Translations for all sectors, quality, seriousness and competence guaranteed by mother-tongue translators.


Legalization of the requested documents (for ex. tender for contracts, statements, registrations with the Chamber of Commerce, legalization of signatures …)


These are basically documents or texts that come from foreign countries and must be submitted to offices or public institutions in a legalized form.
Our studio will help you throughout the entire process from the translation to the legalization of the entire documentation.
We can also prepare documents to be sent abroad, with sworn translations and legalization, some examples:
• Statements

• Notifications

• Sales documents

• Notary documents

• Proxies

• Registration documents with the Chamber of Commerce

• Tender for contracts
• Residence certificates
• Marriage certificates
• Employment certificates
• Birth certificates

The AMC Lodi translation studio also offers:
Management and research of new contacts abroad, consulting. Interpreting in trade shows, Italian translations, market research in Italy.
• Assistance with the documentation needed for: Consulates, Embassies, Public Prosecutor’s Office