Quality Assurance  


We use native speaker translators only. Strict selection test.
Creation of multi-language GLOSSARIES for each customer and sector. The customer can be sure the translations will be done using the selected terminology, typical of the sector, thus assuring the consistency of work in time.

This is our strong point. We agree upon the work days needed to complete the job in compliance with our quality standards.

Confidentiality and professional secrecy:
HT&CS and our translators acknowledge that all the information developed and acquired while working on a project is confidential.
“Any service, even long-term, is considered professional, hence totally subject to the respect of the Professional Secrecy code (see C.P.P. Art. 351-352)”

Professional ethics code:
HT&CS complies with the Professional Ethics Code, i.e. an agreement for the quality of the language services laid down by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and by the association of translation companies Federcentri MILAN.
ISO-9001 / VISION –2000, certification process underway.